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Constance Li

11:15–12:00 Saturday, International Suite (3rd floor)

'Making Impactful Connections: Networking for Introverts and Extroverts'

Sofia Balderson and Constance Li, Impactful Animal Advocacy

Dr. Constance Li (she/her) joined Impactful Animal Advocacy as a co-founder in August 2023, bringing significant entrepreneurial experience and connections within the animal advocacy movement, cultivated over two decades of involvement.

Previously, she led a successful cage-free egg campaign at Rutgers University, co-founded the volunteer-based TNR group, Northwest Philly Cat Trappers, and started The Medical Vegetarian Society at her medical school.

She is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and established a telehealth company with the aim of earning to give to impactful initiatives to reduce animal suffering.

Constance Li
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