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Bringing Change Makers Together

The conference will bring together a wide representation of the vegan and animal rights movement, those who are working on different ways to reduce and ultimately end the exploitation of animals and people interested in getting more involved.


It will be a place to learn, share, create and meet.

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Our Story

Our Story

The Vegan and Animal Rights Conference was created by Liz Flynn, Emily Huang and Esther Salomon. Having spent years between us in the UK movement, working on leadership development and training, grassroots direct action, unity building, mobilising, strategy, and more, we felt that a space to bring us all together was needed. The VARC team is a grassroots effort with many people working in their free time. 


We had all attended animal advocacy conferences across the globe and wanted something similar closer to home. Through our time and experience in animal advocacy, each of us believes that in order to achieve animal liberation, the movement needs many people working on a variety of different strategies. This includes everything from corporate campaigning to direct action, or challenging the law to making waves in the food industry through alternative protein, and more. We welcome established strategies as well as novel ones. We hope that the 2024 conference will give newer animal advocates a chance to discover more about the animal rights movement and find their place in it. We want the event to grow and build the capacity of the UK Animal Rights Movement. 


So we have taken a bold step and are planning the first ever VARC UK! We appreciate all your support and hope to see you next spring.

Conference Values

Our Conference Values


We care for everyone; the animals, fellow attendees, speakers and trainers. Despite our differences we all treat each other with respect and compassion.


We value learning, new ideas and asking questions. No one person or method alone can make change happen; we need many perspectives and strategies to win.


We turn our learning into meaningful action for the animals. Seeking to have a real impact on the world around us is the focus.


We are driven and united by our vision for animal freedom. We believe in ourselves and each other to be able to enact it.


We welcome people from all different backgrounds and worldviews; this adds to our power. We actively invite people to bring their thoughts to the table.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-19 at 13.34_edited.jpg

Founder & Conference Director 

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-15 at 09.53.01.jpeg
Roberta Jasmontaite

Conference Generalist

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-19 at 13.38.29.jpeg

Founding Member, Community & Partnerships

Thank you to our 2024 conference team, and the many volunteers who have helped during the event

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Are you passionate about connecting and strengthening the movement? do you want to join us on our mission? Fill out the contact form below!

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If you have any questions that are not answered via our FAQs or elsewhere on our website please contact us via the below form, or alternatively via Instagram direct or Facebook messenger.

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