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Edie Bowles

09:20 - 10:10 Sunday, International Suite (3rd floor)

Leadership Panel: 'Pitfalls to Power: Animal Rights Leadership'

Chaired by: Dilan Fernando, Animal Think Tank

Featuring: Edie Bowles (Advocates for Animals), James Morgan (Vegan Hacktivists), Laura Hellwig (VIVA!) and Robbie Lockie (The Freedom Food Alliance)


13:50–14:50 Sunday, International Suite (3rd floor)

Legal Panel: 'Using the law to help animals'

Chaired by: Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank)

Featuring: Edie Bowles (Advocates for Animals), Vanessa Johansson (The Animal Law Foundation), Dr Joe Wills (Law Lecturer), and Sam March (Barrister)

Edie is a solicitor and the managing director of Advocates for Animals. She has advised almost all of the main animal protection organisations, smaller organisations and individuals across all animal protection law and campaigning.

Edie Bowles
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