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Laura Hellwig

Laura Hellwig is the managing director and head of campaigns of Viva!—Europe's largest vegan campaigning charity. She has led on many high impact animal and environmental campaigns, promoting veganism in the UK. Working in front of and behind the camera, Laura is also an intrepid investigator, bravely exposing the UK supermarkets and food industries and shining a light on the devastating horrors of animal farming.

You will also find Laura touring British high streets with her team, educating the public on the hard-hitting realities of factory farms with innovative and thought-provoking campaigns. Along with a multitude of other successful campaigns, Laura organised the UK’s first vegan ice cream van tour to positively raise awareness of the plight of cows in the dairy industry. Laura has appeared on TV and radio shows, on podcasts, and given many talks at high profile vegan events including Vegan Camp Out and animal rights marches.

She was instrumental in the investigations into, and subsequent documentary made, about Hogwood Farm; HOGWOOD: a modern horror story. Laura was also heavily involved in the production of a national TV advert called Takeaway the Meat which was aired on Channel 4 and its associated networks, inviting millions of people to consider the impact of the food choices they make on the individual animals who die as a result.

After living and working in many different countries, fluency in several languages and a Masters in International Management, Laura is wholeheartedly committed to creating a culturally diverse, global, vegan movement.

Laura Hellwig
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