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Matthew Glover—Keynote Speaker

09:10–10:00 Saturday, International Suite (3rd floor)

Keynote Lecture: 'Are we Making Progress?'


15:15–16:15 Sunday, International Suite (3rd floor)

Fireside chat: '10 Years Since Veganuary: Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future'

Live podcast hosted by Amy Odene (How I Learned to Love Shrimp: Animal Advocacy Podcast)

Also featuring: Jane Land (Veganuary founder)

Matthew is an entrepreneur, investor and animal advocate campaigner. After 17 years running successful businesses in the window and door industry, his focus (and life) changed when he became vegan. He co-founded the online campaign Veganuary in 2013, which has encouraged millions of people across the globe to try being vegan for the month of January and beyond. More recently, he’s launched Veg Capital, an organisation that provides early-stage capital to companies striving to replace the use of animals in our food system. In 2020, Matthew co-founded VFC, a vegan fried chick*n brand which marries activism with business. VFC is not like other food brands. It’s bold, irreverent, and full of attitude, launching with the tagline "Thanks Colonel, we’ll take it from here".

Matthew Glover—Keynote Speaker
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