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Mel Broughton

14:00–15:00 International Suite (3rd floor)

Panel:"From the Front Lines: Perspectives of Longtime Activists"

Chaired by: Ben Newman (Animal Rising)

Featuring: Ronnie Lee, Tom Harris, Amanda Richards and Mel Broughton

Mel has been a grass-roots animal rights activist for over forty years.  In that time he has been active in all aspects of campaigning for nonhuman rights. From handing out leaflets, to attending the largest animal rights protests, to lengthy prison sentences, his experiences have informed his view that it is the grass-roots activists that drive change. At nearly sixty four years of age he finds himself once again fighting for his freedom in the struggle for animal rights. It has always been clear to him that the defenders of animal exploitation have powerful allies, but their castle is built on increasingly shaky foundations. He believes major victories for our movement are now within our grasp: "Hunting with hounds will go. MBR Acres will close.  These battles have been hard-fought and have been part of the collective DNA of grass-roots animal rights activists for decades. It's to my fellow activists that I speak now... OUR TIME HAS COME".

Mel Broughton
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