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Robbie Locke

Robbie Lockie, a trailblazer in digital media and a staunch advocate for food transparency, with over two decades of experience in enhancing consumer awareness through expertly crafted user experience design, web development, and social video content. As the founder and CEO of The Freedom Food Alliance, Robbie spearheads the mission to demystify the global food industry, providing consumers with accurate, science-based insights to make informed choices about their food sources. This initiative is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers and is renowned for its rigorous fact-checking and international consumer campaigns, which spotlight detrimental industry practices affecting both human and planetary health.

Under Robbie's leadership, The Freedom Food Alliance recently published "Harvesting Denial, Distractions, & Deception," a comprehensive report that lays bare the disinformation strategies employed by the animal agriculture sector. This groundbreaking work underscores the manipulation of social media, the misuse of corporate science, and the financial sponsorship of research to propagate misleading narratives, hindering progress toward sustainable food initiatives..

Beyond The Freedom Food Alliance, Robbie's influence extends as the co-founder and board director of Plant Based News, a leading platform in the vegan and plant-based community. This role has seen Robbie produce impactful campaign videos for Viva!, spotlighting critical issues like antibiotic-resistant superbugs on factory farms and the dark realities of the dairy industry. In the 7 years, the platform has been running a following of 3.2 million, and a monthly reach of 85 million has been achieved.  Robbie's journey to a plant-based lifestyle, prompted by health challenges in 2013, enhanced their well-being and deepened their commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Robbie's work reflects a deep-seated passion for ethical, sustainable living. As a prominent figure in the global vegan movement, Robbie's dedication to promoting compassionate and sustainable choices is unwavering, driven by a desire to create a more informed, ethical, and environmentally conscious world.

Robbie Locke
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