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Rupert Evelyn

Rupert Evelyn is a first-class investigative journalist working in communications. His groundbreaking exposés have reverberated globally, reshaping societal narratives and catalysing systemic change. Renowned for his work on fox hunting, Rupert's investigations unearthed widespread lawlessness within the sport, leading to landmark criminal charges, the dissolution of hunting organisations, and sweeping reforms in governance.

With an unwavering commitment to environmental advocacy, Rupert's coverage has illuminated the intricate connections between human consumption and ecological devastation. His revelations linking British dairy products to deforestation in Brazil ignited calls for stringent legislation in global supply chains. Moreover, his insightful reporting from the Arctic laid bare the chilling consequences of climate change, spotlighting the alarming rate at which the Arctic is succumbing to the warming effects of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the first people on the scene following the Novichok attacks in Salisbury, Rupert led the coverage, securing a world exclusive interview with one of the victims and providing invaluable insights into the unfolding crisis both here and in Russia.

Recognised for his ability to galvanise public support, Rupert specialises in fostering awareness, transforming attitudes and refining executive and media presentations. His blend of compassion with astute judgement consistently delivers optimal outcomes, earning accolades such as nominations for the prestigious Royal Television Society's Best News & Current Affairs Story.

At the forefront of transformative storytelling, Rupert Evelyn epitomises the power of communications to inspire change and shape a more just and informed world.

Rupert Evelyn
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