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Shakira Free

Shakira has been qualified as a veterinary nurse for 15 years and has worked internationally with a wide variety of species, travelling and working within many charitable spaces.

Shakira has received multiple awards for her efforts in animal welfare and protection, she has been vegan for over 10 years and became an activist who featured in multiple actions to expose the sufferings of animals and saved lives over the last 5 years.

Shakira always attempts to leave her mark of improving standards of care for animals wherever she goes. Particularly by encouraging better pain relief plans, ensuring species specific considerations regarding behaviour, as a fear free practitioner and is proactive in caring for species that do not have the same value within society reach all the health care options they should be entitled to.

Shakira has a variety of areas she has worked and campaigned on such as breed specific laws that results in the killing of certain dogs based on their appearance, ear cropping, dog fighting, puppy farming, has been vocal regarding the major issues of wild animals kept as pets, wildlife care and protection and personally works on one to one care with animals that come to her for one to one care and advises frequently on such matters to all kind of people assisting animals.

She is also working on a campaign against wild animals in pet shops via investigative and collaborative work. Shakira has given lectures on many subjects, has taught vet and vet nurse students and continues to encourage her work with educational posts on social media.

Shakira is a trustee of Travel Animal Rescue Global, a member of the Progressive Veterinary Association and volunteers at Sheep Ahoy when possible for medical cases. She is currently studying her Avian Nursing certificate.

Shakira Free
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