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Jen Deighan-Schenk

Jen Deighan-Schenk is the Community Development Manager at We The Free, dedicating a significant portion of her time to managing HR concerns and navigating infighting within the movement.

With over a decade of experience in leadership roles, Jen has honed her skills in team development and conflict resolution. Over the past 6 years, Jen has organized hundreds of diverse animal advocacy events, including street outreach, farm investigations, protests, workshops, and vigils. Throughout this time, she has de-escalated numerous conflicts and successfully facilitated resolutions among activists. As a mediator, Jen has seen firsthand the crucial role effective conflict resolution plays in maintaining the integrity of the movement.

Recognizing that effective leadership and conflict resolution are imperative for our cause to thrive, Jen is passionate about sharing practical strategies that have proven effective in navigating conflict. In her upcoming workshop, she will present the findings from We The Free’s research into the aftermath of conflicts within the animal advocacy space, exploring persistent challenges for activists and organizations. Jen’s sincere hope is to collectively identify innovative solutions to create a roadmap for a more united and resilient animal rights movement.

Jen Deighan-Schenk
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