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Rich Hardy

Rich Hardy has been a professional campaigner and global investigative journalist for thirty years. He has led campaigns for some of Britain’s most creative and successful non-profit organisations, including Surfers Against Sewage, cleaning up Europe’s coastlines and starting their fight against ocean plastic; and Veganuary, a pledge campaign that’s inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to try a vegan diet

But all the while, and over the course of two decades, he’s been going undercover to document the animals that suffer for human gain. His images and testimony have fuelled the work of more than twenty international animal protection organisations.

These high-risk ‘infiltration-led’ endeavours saw him awarded a Daily Mirror ‘Animal Hero Award’ in 2019 and saw the publication of his first book ‘Not As Nature Intended’ in 2020 (Unbound).

After founding Cornwall’s first fully vegan farm, he’s now building a self-sufficient vegan homestead project.

Rich Hardy
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